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International Exhibition on Rubber Technology 2020

「Rubber Tech China 2020」was rounded off on SEP 18 in Shanghai. Although all the world still face to the challenge of COVID-19, TUNG YU still choose to attended the exhibition.
Follow association’s policy and take preventive measures, we could still catch the business opportunity.
With futuristic and attractive booth design, we also showed our best equipment to everyone.
It really appeal lots of customers visited our booth, inquiries were off the charts this time!


The “horizontal rubber injection machine" is equipped with a general-purpose cold runner block to save raw materials and reduce waste. It is equipped with OPC UA to monitor the production data of the equipment in real time.
Realizing the concept of intelligent manufacturing and production. In addition to show automatic injection molding equipment, we exhibited "Oil Seal Forming Machine with Servo System" aiming at energy-saving goals, bringing more trending topics and energy-saving solutions to the market.


Tung Yu always not only being an expert in silicone rubber molding equipment, but also provides force and heat experiments in mechanic solutions for carbon fiber, glass fiber, powder metallurgy, and other dissimilar materials.
Last but not least, we also have  "Inductance Special Machine" exhibited this time. It prominent Tung Yu's wider range of applications in electronic components.
We believe that in the storm of COV-19 this year, Tung Yu will continue to accumulate its own energy and create an innovative and infinite future!

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