Continuous Vulcanizing / Rotary Type

Continuously vulcanizing is meant that continued curing and compressing for special required product such as rubber conveyor belts and steel cord conveyor belts. For this purpose, Tung Yu develops and manufactures the rotary type and bridge type vulcanizing press. Rotary type, ROTOCURE, the continuously vulcanizing press with drums and a steel belt for giving pressure and keeping tension. At the same time, rubber is heated and cured through the drums. By various production process and workplace safety, we provide auxiliary let-off and wind-up device for raw material, products, pattern, automatically photoelectric tracking device for steel belt position and so on. ROTOCURE from Tung Yu are designed on many kinds of specifics and producing in Japan, U.S., and around the world with high admiration.
Continuous Vulcanizing
TRC- ∮ 1500 X W2000ROTOCURE

Continuous Vulcanizing
TRC- ∮ 2000 X W2400 (CE)ROTOCURE with CE Certificate

Continuous Vulcanizing
TRC-∮1500XW1600ROTOCURE - Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Production Line

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